Stress & Anxiety (Anon)

United States

“I live in the US and booked 5 sessions with Sam to coincide with a visit to my daughter in Aberdeen mid March. Unfortunately due to the pandemic this trip was postponed as were my sessions. After a couple of weeks it became apparent I wouldn’t be able to travel for sometime so it was agreed with Sam that we could do the sessions via face time. My problem is severe white coat syndrome which means my blood pressure goes through the roof at even a whiff of a white coat! In fact was so bad that even testing it myself was high until around attempt number 3! In the US everything even mildly medical involves taking BP so was a real problem. We are 6 hours behind the UK which meant the sessions were super early but as I m an early riser wasn’t really an issue. Sam is lovely and very professional and immediately put me at ease. I can honestly say that I’m doing much better now with my BP testing and feel much happier and less stressed about the whole thing. I can highly recommend a course of treatment for whatever ails you I believe you can get the same results using FaceTime etc and quite honestly in these troubled times when many of us are becoming increasingly anxious and stressed this would be the perfect time to start your sessions so you can come out of this pandemic stronger and healthier and ready to take on whatever life throws at you!”