Laura Murray, Scottish Golf Pro on enhancing sports performance

As you may know, I help clients with sports performance and getting the most from their natural sporting ability.

A lot of my clients are trying to improve their amateur game in various sports but I’m also currently part of the team working with Scottish pro golfer, Laura Murray (along with her coach, Keil Beveridge).

He is the Head Professional at the Kippie Lodge Sports & Country Club here in Aberdeen and coaches quite a few young and talented golfers in the North West of Scotland, including Laura.

A quote from Laura about our work:

“Working with Sam Luxford has helped enhance my performance on the course. The sessions we have done not only give me the tools to cope well under pressure, but to embrace it. These techniques can be applied to my everyday life helping me be more confident, happier and at ease with myself.”

Laura Murray, Scottish Golf Pro, Sport Performance

I was feeling a bit lost after the death of my husband, not really quite knowing what to do and was very stressed, with everyday things like driving making me anxious. However, am so glad I came across yourself, you put me at ease straight away and thanks to your tools and techniques, put me back on track and in control of my anxious moments and stress levels. I’m now very positive in all situations from driving to horse riding, if I feel at all anxious I refer to the tools and am back in control! I even managed to attend an equestrian competition recently without being a nervous wreck, which ended in a very good result and placing! If I feel the need, I would not hesitate to return again in the future. Thank you Sam!

Anxiety/ Bereavement /Phobia/ Sport Performanance

Hi Sam

I’d like to thank you for all your help regarding my daughter. She has been a keen gymnast for the last 6 years, but as you know she would put all the hard work in during practice and get great results but couldn’t quite nail it in competitions. After A couple of sessions from yourself she’s been getting podium results all year at every competition. Her confidence is through the roof!!!
Thanks again xx

12 year old Gymnast (Sports Performance)

Hi Sam,

My game has now come on leaps and bounds and I have scored the lowest round (72) for a long time I normally score in the mid to late 80’s. I can now take the club away from behind the ball, thanks for all your help so far very much appreciated from a happy golfer (again) Regards Gordon B

Gordon B (Golf – froze as club face hits the ball)