I booked hypnotherapy sessions with Sam after suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome throughout my teens and into adulthood. It had gotten to the point where it was having a significant impact on my life, I was missing lectures at university and calling in sick to work. I was scared to be far from home or go on nights out with friends. I took Immodium daily along with 2 types of medication prescribed by my Doctor. After a few sessions with Sam I was much better equipped to deal with the anxiety that I felt about the symptoms of IBS. Over a much longer period of time (and continual practise of the techniques I learned) my mindset gradually changed. I successfully weaned myself off of Immodium and both prescribed medications – a massive achievement for me. I stopped fearing my symptoms which in turn reduced their frequency and intensity. I’ve since used the same techniques to help deal with panic attacks, anxiety, and most recently, to equip myself for what was a very positive birthing experience of my little boy! An achievement made possible by many years’ practice of positive reframing and focussed breathing.

Anon (IBS / Anxiety & Panic Attacks)

I have just had my final hypnotherapy session and am delighted. I have suffered form IBS for years and it was ruling my life and stopping me from doing things. I decided to look for other remedies than taking medication from my GP which really didnt seem to make any difference. I looked on the internet and read about hypnotherapy, so thought I had nothing to lose. To be perfectly honest, I couldnt see how it could work but was willing to give anything a try. After 5 sessions I can honestly say that I think it has gone.
Sam has made me think differently which was the main problem and I am absolutely delighted and would recommend it to anyone else suffering in silence.
Very happy ex IBS sufferer.