Hosp was a total breeze today 😊👌
It was last night and day, I walked past with a bloody to bandage wasn’t even bothered.
I am over the moon, made such a difference, no fears.
If I can cope, anyone can!

Hospitals and Blood -Trauma & Phobia

At my first session with Sam, she told me I would be surprised by how quickly I would start to feel better again. At a time when I was really struggling, those words alone were a huge help.

I first went to see Sam because I was suffering from panic attacks which were related to a specific event, but spilling over into the rest of my life. Although it would have looked to my friends and colleagues like I was fine and in control, you can’t trick yourself and I knew that I needed some help. Within a few sessions, Sam had guided me through processing the cause of the panic attacks and I was back on an even keel.

I was so pleased with the results that I continued to see Sam for a few more sessions and explored and addressed some other things which had bothered me for a long time, which I had never spoken openly about before. By the end of our work together, I didn’t just feel like myself the way I was before the panic attacks started, but actually better than I had ever felt before.

Sam is excellent at her job – she is compassionate, supportive and completely non-judgemental. Whatever you are struggling with – big things or small ones – I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


Ten years ago my mum and brother died within weeks of each other. My mum was my best friend, my strength, my confidant, my everything. The nicest most gentlest person you could have met, always there for her family and to anyone she met, be it a stranger at the bus stop or someone in need. A double tragedy is something that shakes your world, removes the firm foundations that you thought you had, leaves you alone and feeling helpless.

I realised I needed to reach out for help, I couldn’t process my grief, I couldn’t see any positives. That’s when I saw Sam’s advert and decided to seek help. The whole hypnotherapy process was new to me but I felt this was the way forward. I’m going back ten years but I still remembered how Sam had helped me then to cope with my feelings, my fears, my grief.

Fast forward ten years and I called on Sam again to help me with a recurring sixty four year old memory that I had carried with me all these years but which I couldn’t process and could still upset me when it came to the fore. We need to put to bed that which is troubling us before we can make that important step forward. Sixty four years is a long time to carry a hurt but the brain is a powerful organ and sometimes we need help to process that which is troubling us so we can get on with our lives. Sam used a technique called Rewind Therapy and within a few sessions I had put behind me a hurtful memory which was holding me back.

Sam was so supportive, kind and knowledgeable and knew just what approach was needed to help me. Sam is a genuinely nice person who wants to help people with whatever situation they find themselves in and most importantly for me, cares about the people she helps.

I would highly recommend Sam to be the Wind Beneath Your Wings.