My Mum used to get upset and now she is lot happier. I also learnt that bad experiences can be good as that you can learn from them.

Sam is cool she learnt all about Pokémon and gave me a bendy monkey to help me relax. Sam also has some really,really old fossils which I liked – I now have my very own one.

She also made me an audio file so I could listen to it at night which helped me sleep – I still listen to it sometimes especially if I start to feel a bit anxious.

Sam said I can come back and see her if I need to – she is very nice and very cool!

10 year old child (Autism spectrum )

Testimony February 2020 – Parent

From an early age I always knew that there was something with my son but could never put my finger on it. He went to school and got on ok was never the most academic but always tried hard, enjoyed school and was happy.

We then entered P5 and it all went wrong very quickly, we were called most days regarding his behaviour which was at times soul destroying! At home there was also a big change:he was moody and got angry very quickly over the littlest of things. He was reluctant to go out and lost interest in his out of school activities. It was like he turned into a different child overnight!

We tried everything; saw numerous Doctors, Psychologists and even a Cranial Osteopath but nothing worked; it felt like we were losing our son. One day our son broke down asking me to take the monster that’s inside him out – this broke my heart I felt as a parent helpless but knew I had to keep fighting for my son!

Getting no where with Doctors I started to do research and came across a story about a 12-year-old girl whose actions and life mirrored my sons – her Dad took her to see a Hypnotherapist, so I began to research all about Hypnotherapy.

After a lot of research, I came across Sam Luxford. After messaging Sam and telling her about my son she said she could help. Now I must admit after all we had been through; I was sceptical but was willing to try if it could help my son! Looking back, I have one regret and that is that we didn’t go to see Sam sooner!!!!

Sam got to know my son what he likes and based her sessions on this, meaning she made a real connection with him. Slowly she peeled back the layers of my son’s issues and had to re-train his brain to use the right side; it was flight or fight mode. Through re-training it changed how he thought his moods and his emotions showed him how to turn a negative into a positive.

After a couple of sessions, we started to see a change – our son was sleeping better, moods were not as varied, we felt like we weren’t walking on eggshells with him as much – we could talk to him without him flying into a rage! Halfway through the session we had our diagnosis, with our son being on the Autism Spectrum – this in itself was a massive break through and also allowed Sam to help with his understanding of this.

Sam also had a session with myself so that I could understand how I can help him more at home and understand where and how he sees life, allowing me to understand and help him better. In the 6 months since we finished our sessions with Sam my son is unrecognisable and has come so far; he is back to going out and in fact is doing more activities. He now has the mindset of not giving up if things don’t go his way! His school have said the change in him is incredible; he is calmer and more positive.

Sam has given us our fun loving, caring son back, I honestly believe that we wouldn’t be where we are as a family today without Sam’s help – for that we are forever grateful!

Parent of 10 year old child (Autism Spectrum)

Thanks a million Sam. I was feeling so low and lost. With your help you have put me back in control and now I feel on top of the world. I now realise I am always in control not the situation. Through your help I know I will always be in control. Would recommend hypnotherapy to every one especially you Sam.

Mark (Anger/ Taking back control)

Sam was instrumental in helping me overcome an inability to relax and frequent feelings of heightened anxiety. I sought help because I feared this would hinder a distance-learning Masters degree I was undertaking, which necessitated sitting exams and the submission of a 20,000 dissertation. Both of these were unthinkable prior to the beginning of my sessions (as I’d previously confided to a doctor).

I’m sceptical by nature and do not relish talking about myself with a stranger in any capacity. From the very first session, the tone was friendly and welcoming; and by patiently introducing me to solution-focussed therapy and demonstrating the ease with which we can challenge negative thoughts, Sam showed me the benefits of hanging out in the left side of the brain.

The upshot being, the days leading up to my exam and thesis submission date were amongst the calmest I felt throughout the three-year course. Of course I was aware of the pressure/significance of the occasion(s) but I never felt overwhelmed and actually kind of welcomed them. Anyway, I found out last week I received a ‘Pass with Distinction’, and it’s no exaggeration to say Sam played a significant part in that success.

So many thanks.


Chris (Academic performance/exams anxiety)

I was initially very sceptical about going to see Sam and only did so when circumstances forced me into it.
From the start Sam put me entirely at ease and immediately removed the idea that there was anything weak or wrong about trying to deal with my issues – primarily anger management and control.
There was initially a thought within me that I would go along once and basically then dismiss the idea, however after my first session, I felt so different that I actually looked forwrad to the next week.
The key difference between what I expected and what actually happened is that Sam will not tell you how to feel or what to do. The sessions encourage you to speak about why you are there but primarily the progress is made as you come to your own conclusions and recognize your own issues and how you would like to change them. This is so different to what I expected and is perhaps the main reason for the success. You will not be told how to feel or what to do but you will be encouraged to assess yourself and the result is a real sense of satisfaction as you have arrived at your own conclusions rather than someone else’s.
The detail of how the brain works and the conflict between the right and left sides (subconscious and conscious minds) was the first thing discussed and it stayed within me from there on in. Out with the sessions, I found myself dealing with matters by referring to this theory and consciously allowing the left or logical side of my brain to respond instead of the more Neanderthal right side reacting.

The actual process of hypnotherapy was again something that I was sceptical about as you do initially relate it to showbiz type stage hypnosis. However nothing could be further from the truth and the actuality leaves you extremely refreshed and very focused on how to change and progress.
I have now completed 7 sessions, the last of which was a very happy experience as I was able to tell Sam that she had indeed made the huge difference that she suggested at the first meeting.
I know that by maintaining the focus on everything that we discussed and dealt with I have regained and will maintain control in situations where previously my reactions could have proved very destructive.

Mark (Anger Management)