Hi Sam, Still not smoking (4years).

Stop Smoking – Sharon

I went to Sam initially looking for help to stop smoking in 2017 which to this day has been a great success.

However, in 2018/19 I underwent surgery twice and was diagnosed with Coeliac disease thought to have been triggered by one of the surgeries I underwent for two hernias, I found this next year of my life extremely difficult, frustrating, and stressful.

My whole lifestyle had to change, I kept getting sick, my work was being impacted and I felt my mental health was taking a beating.

I contacted Sam to see if she could give me some advice on how to deal with this as I was really finding it hard to be around people, I had developed anxiety problems, even sitting in meetings with colleagues and clients I’d known for many years was painful.

I started doing weekly sessions with Sam to talk about these issues and to learn how to relax, be myself again and build my confidence, the effect of this was clear to me from session one, I left feeling energised with a sense of calm, I wasn’t back to myself but after a few sessions before the pandemic kicked in I was feeling great and continue to feel great to this day even with the last 18 months of isolation.

As someone who has worked in the oil & gas industry for the last 25 years which is a very male, macho and testosterone dominated industry and as a company director these things can be hard to overcome, deal with and more importantly talk about without a stigma being attached.

Mental health is the key ingredient to everything in life, from family to work it can have a devastating effect on everything around you, most people don’t realise this until they hit rock bottom, they don’t see the fall happening or don’t want to acknowledge that its happening, it can be anything from an increased use in alcohol to your palms sweating in a crowd, the important thing is realising its there and making the right choices.

Sam was my right choice; I will be forever grateful for the work we did together in getting me back to mentally fighting fit.

Scott Abel

Technical Director

WJF Technical Support Ltd

Stop Smoking/Anxiety

I have been a non smoker since my session with you 2 years ago so can’t thank you enough.

Smoking Cessation Success

Hi Sam, I just wanted to say thank you for our last session in January. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. I am so happy about it.

Smoking Cessation Aberdeen

Sam doing very well haven’t smoked, thank you so much for your help will be in touch if I need more help , will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs your help.


Quit Smoking (Anon)

Sam doing very well haven’t smoked, thank you so much for your help will be in touch if I need more help , will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs your help.

Quit Smoking (Anon)

My husband came to you almost two weeks ago for smoking cessation. And wow! He seems to be a non smoker after a lifetime of smoking. I can’t believe it. It’s incredible. Only can hope it’s over for good for him now. ?

Smoking Cessation (Anon)

Good morning Sam,
I had appointment to quite smoking 3 months ago and thank to you haven’t smoked since then.
Sorry! I need to correct myself, it is 3 months and 3 days now I quit.

Anon (Smoking Cessation)

That’s a week now since you treated me for my smoking
I am pleased to tell you I have not smoked since we met
Thank you very much


Mr M (Smoking Cessation)

Hi Sam, I had my smoking cessation session with you on 17th May & I just wanted to let you know that I am still a non-smoker ?. Thank you very much.

Sharon (Smoking Cessation)

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