I’d suffered from a cycle of anxiety, panic attacks, wavering
self-confidence and depression for years. I knew I needed to break the
cycle and didn’t want to just mask things with medication – I just
wanted to feel relaxed, happy and more in control, more self-assured –
more me again. After some research, I found Sam’s details online and the
results have been life changing. I was astounded at the difference I
felt after just a few sessions and continue to. Thank you so much Sam! –

Lynn – Breaking the cycle of anxiety

I have finally passed practical driving test hypnotherapy definitely worked thank you again x

Driving test nerves/ repeated test fails

Hello Sam,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your work you have done with me lately and I’m happy to update you and let you know that I got behind the wheel again last night and for the first time ever, I managed to go out into the main roads instead of circling round the industrial state like I had been for the last 3 years. I have been in touch with a driving instructor to book lessons this morning and can’t wait to see where this new part of life takes me.
I can’t thank you enough and hope that the next time I email you will be to let you know I’ve past my driving test!

Fear of driving (Anon)

Hi Sam
I did a speech at a fairly large family gathering on Saturday evening, 50 plus people.
It was without question a success, and a number of people commented on how relaxed, and free from nerves, I was while delivering it.
I’m fairly certain my sessions with you, played a large part in this successful talk.

Anon (Anxiety/Confidence/Public Speaking)

Hi Sam.
I just wanted to let you know that I had my interview this morning and I got the job 🙂 so proud that I was able to do a presentation. Thank you for all of your help. X

Anon (Interview & Presentation Nerves)

Thank you Sam for helping me to become a more confident person and be able to process my thoughts positively. I feel so much more happier in myself and I’m off the pain medication for fibromyalgia which is so good. Feeling great and having a lot more ‘10’ days! ! Thanks again! X

Sarah (Confidence) - Aberdeen

I first visited Sam in 2016 for the Gastric band Hypno which was amazing, since then I have lost 2 1/2 stone and I am still losing. After having a great experience first time around with Sam I decided to get in contact again to tackle my anxiety and nerves. I have always had anxiety for as long as I can remember. I never really saw it as a problem and began to think it was normal. After a period of time my anxiety got to the point where I decided enough was enough. I have had 7 sessions with Sam to tackle these issues and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my life already. Sam has gave me fantastic tools I will use the rest of my life. If you are thinking about Hypnotherapy and reading this, don’t wait call Sam. You will not regret it!!!


I visited Sam to help with negative thought patterns, low self esteem and low self confidence. Sam taught me how to stop and alter my thoughts, make positive changes in my life and work habits and to have a much more positive attitude. I am in a much happier, rational and stable place now and will continue to use the tools she taught me.

Negative Thought Patterns & Low Self-Confidence

I have finally passed practical driving test; hypnotherapy definitely worked, thank you again x

Anon (Driving Test Nerves/ Repeated Test Fails) - Aberdeen

Im 55 yrs old, 3 buds and 5 grandbuds, im pretty active, love walking my doggies, love crafts, good wine and food. On return from three weeks in South Africa feeling FAT .I bought a voucher for hypnotherapy from Groupon with my aim to loose a little weight and maintain the loss. Well never did I ever think that I would end up with Gastric Band hypnotherapy. Sam was an absolute star, I didn’t once feel uncomfortable or nervous during the 4 sessions. The day of the fitting I was so excited, I had lost 8 lbs in the two and a half weeks I had been attending, this really motivated me. Exercise was eagerly slotted into my busy day and I was a lot calmer and relaxed. Food became a source of need not greed and within six weeks of my bargain Groupon deal I have lost a stone in weight, 3″ on waist and hips and 4″ on my bust… its not a hardship, no counting points or writing everything you eat down all it takes is me being mindful, positive and this leads to my motivation. I can’t thank Sam enough… I WILL loose another stone and will be back to a weight I am comfortable and confident with. ..my lovely hubby has supported me all the way but I have done this for me no one else and it has been worth every penny. Sam is a star and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to be in a personal place of self worth.
My sister died in 2006 when she was just 50…we are having a Forever 50 Charity Ball in March 2016 10 yrs on , I am so looking forward to shopping for my ballgown hopefully 2 or maybe 3 sizes smaller. Thanks for reading D x


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