Hello Sam,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your work you have done with me lately and I’m happy to update you and let you know that I got behind the wheel again last night and for the first time ever, I managed to go out into the main roads instead of circling round the industrial state like I had been for the last 3 years. I have been in touch with a driving instructor to book lessons this morning and can’t wait to see where this new part of life takes me.
I can’t thank you enough and hope that the next time I email you will be to let you know I’ve past my driving test!

Fear of driving (Anon)

I went to Sam for help dealing with deep seated relationship anxiety issue that I wanted to learn to control my fears. I can honestly say hypnotherapy with Sam has helped me to not only achieve that but has also helped me cope with a mentally demanding job so much better than ever before – I can't say " thank you" enough!

S (Relationship Anxiety/ Obsessive Thinking)

Having tried every diet known to man with very little success, I decided to give Sam’s therapy a try. A decision I’ll never regret! From the very first session I felt levels of motivation that were astounding. Before the GB had even been fitted, I’d lost 12lbs! But for me, looking back on the process so far, I’ve gained so much more than just weight loss. And being honest, the weight loss has paled in significance now I see all the other positive results from the therapy. I don’t recall a time in life when I’ve felt happier, more content and positive than I do now.

I’m only a few days into having the GB fitted but already through weight management alone I’ve dropped a dress size and feel amazing. My goal is still a little way off, but I have no doubts I’m going to achieve that. I have confidence in myself and feel in control of my eating for the first time ever.

This isn’t just a course of treatment over a few weeks. It’s a course of treatment to shape your whole attitude to the rest of your life.

Thank you Sam for all your guidance and support so far.

SP (Hypnotic Gastric Band w/ Weight Management)

After 7 years of extreme anxiety towards driving I was about to give up until I started hypnotherapy with Sam and Anne as a last hope to overcome my fear. My fear was beginning to affect every aspect of my life and overall happiness.
In 4 sessions they gave me so much understanding and knowledge about my phobia and how to tackle my emotions and thought process. The exercises they gave me to practise and reduce anxiety helped me to combat my fear. I started hypnotherapy 4 weeks before my driving test, a test I had cried over daily for months in fear of. I passed my driving test with 1 minor and have never felt so overwhelmingly proud of myself. I still have moments of anxiety and nerves but the coping techniques they taught me ensure it will never torment me like it did before.

I cannot thank them enough for what they helped me to achieve.

LB (Driving Phobia)

I came to Sam to help me with my IBS. She helped me change my way of thinking about situations. I felt relaxed and positive after each session and started to notice changes almost immediately! She taught me how my brain works and how to control the unconscious part of my mind. I am now worrying much less and I am now doing things without a second thought. My IBS no longer stands in my way and I am delighted with what I have achieved in just six sessions!

I would recommend hypnotherapy to other IBS sufferers as it has really changed my outlook on life and my IBS does not stop me doing the things I want to do.

Mhairi (IBS)

I came to Sam feeling desperately trapped in a vicious cycle of repeated binge eating episodes. I found my behaviour alarming, going to great lengths to get the food I wanted and gorging on it until I felt sick. Feelings of shame and guilt would follow, along with fasting, exercising or calorie control to try and ‘undo’ some of the damage I’d done. Sam has helped me to restore calmness into my life and address the underlying issues that are causing this. I found the hypnotherapy very relaxing and the exercises that Sam used on me were certainly thought provoking. I also found that Sam took a genuine interest in my problem and would always go the extra mile in directing me to further information or reading. I’m grateful for the help I have received to date and look forward to continuing my treatment and reaching my ultimate goal of no longer relying on this addictive behaviour to deal with my emotions. Sam is just lovely and I would happily recommend her to anyone.

Kirsty (Food Obsession/Binging)

Having previously been diagnosed with generalised anxiety, I had ‘recovered’ to quite some extent, but found that on stopping medication anxieties were beginning to creep in again. In particular, I found myself obsessing about toilets and needing to pass urine very frequently if entering unfamiliar situations, or areas where I was not fully in control. I was also building anxiety about going on holiday and was concerned about being able to cope away from home.

Sam’s solution focused approach encourages a positive focus and I found her very supportive during the initial sessions where I found myself very emotional as I tried to talk through my concerns and find ways in which to move forward. She gave me a CD to listen to with a view to relaxing and sleeping well at the end of a day, and this certainly worked. I began sleeping far better and have lost the 4.30 am thinking time I’d become so accustomed to.

Sessions produced goals and strategies to be used in times of stress or anxiety. I realised that I was ‘normal’ and a perfectly able to cope with things by reframing my thoughts and setting small targets. Moving on, I found myself in situations where I was scared, such as up a mountain, and I could bring my breathing back under control, rationalising the situation better.

Longer term, I conquered a big city holiday which the year before had me shaking and in tears on an underground platform, terrified of both the crowded trains and the flight home. I’ve successfully changed job, initially managing the interview and combatting my obsessive thinking about needing the loo before it! I’ve coped with the stresses involved in the new role and am very positive in my outlook. In general things that would have upset me no longer get me down. I realise that I can only control my own thoughts and the negative comments that others may occasionally make or things that I may say or do without thinking are not worth dwelling on.

In general, I think my attitude to life and myself as an individual has proved. I’m more confident in myself and far more relaxed in life. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Sam – I feel it was worth every penny!

Clare (Obsessional Thinking/Anxiety)

I’m a keen golfer and in 2011 was playing off 11. I considered driving from the tee one of the strongest and more reliable parts of my game. At the start of 2012 I developed what I believe was the golf driving yips. This occurred when I addressed the ball on the tee before driving. I could take a practice swing without any problem but as soon as I put the club behind the ball my left arm seized up and I could not start taking the club back in a smooth manner to start my back swing. I tried various different approaches – talking with a golf pro, researching the internet, without any real improvement. As a consequence my handicap rose virtually every week. From a situation where I never really worried about my driving I began to dread approaching each tee shot and the problem started to spread into other parts of my golf game.

Ultimately I decided that a completely different solution was required if I wanted to continue playing golf and enjoying the sport.

It was then I found Sam Luxford’s website and thought that this alternative treatment may be the answer. I went for an introductory session with Sam and was sufficiently convinced that hypnotherapy may be worth trying. I had 3 sessions over a period of 6 weeks – Sam’s professional approach and sympathetic understanding of my problem was very evident. Sam also gave me some good tools to take on to the course – specifically the 7/11 breathing technique and thumb/middle finger pressure points to relieve my stress levels and help me refocus on my golf swing. As a result I’m enjoying my golf again and the yips have disappeared.

I would have never considered hypnotherapy before but I consider the techniques and tools used by Sam to be wholly appropriate not only for my specific golfing yips problem but as an aid for a much more focused and confident approach to life in general.

I went on to win a tournament a few months later.

John (Sports Achievement/Golf Driving YIPS)

When I phoned Sam I was feeling very desperate. I have suffered from OCD for 34 years. It totally ruled my life which mean’t that it also affected my family. It was seriously affecting my relationship with my partner to the point that we were close to separating.
Sam helped me to deal with everything that I was unhappy and stressed with, which, in turn, helped me to deal with the symptoms of my OCD. She helped me to look at situations more rationally and positively, rather than worrying about what might (but probably wouldn’t) go wrong in a situation. When I felt like this, I would feel very anxious and stressed. I would carry out the rituals of my OCD to help me to feel calmer.
With the help of Sam, I have really turned my life around. I feel that I have taken control, probably for the first time in my life. I honestly feel happier than I have for years. As a result of this, my partner and I were able to deal with our problems.
We have been together for 25 years and he can’t believe the difference in me in such a short time. We are all happier as a family too. I can do so much more in a day now, that used to be taken up by rituals.
Sam is very easy to talk to. I felt so much better, even after speaking to her for the first time on the phone. I felt that she gave me hope. I feel like I have known her a very long time. I wouldn’t be where I am now, without Sam’s support and help. I really appreciate everything she has helped me to achieve.