Mum of 11yr Old Being Bullied


I brought my daughter to see Sam because she was being bullied at school and Sam came highly recommended.
My 11 year old daughter had changed so much from a happy, funny amazing little girl into a little girl who hated herself, hated the way she looked she was confused, angry and would self harm sometimes. It was heart breaking to see my daughter become like this. I tried everything to help her but nothing worked, until I was told about Sam. That was the day our lives changed for the better.
My daughter instantly loved Sam as I did. Sam makes you feel so welcome and my daughter was able to tell her everything she was feeling which helped enormously. We went for 10 sessions and each week I noticed my daughter becoming happier, becoming herself, If Anything happened at school she could deal with it because Sam gave her the tools to deal with it, it was amazing. My daughter was so happy that she was dealing with it and it wasn’t hurting anymore.
My daughter had her last session in January, but with the fantastic tools Sam has given my daughter she will be able to,use them her whole life. Seeing Sam has been the best experience and helped my daughter so much.
I would like to thank you Sam for giving me the greatest gift of all. You gave me my little girl back, my funny, happy, care free amazing daughter. Thank you with all my heart.