Mark (Anger Management)

I was initially very sceptical about going to see Sam and only did so when circumstances forced me into it.
From the start Sam put me entirely at ease and immediately removed the idea that there was anything weak or wrong about trying to deal with my issues – primarily anger management and control.
There was initially a thought within me that I would go along once and basically then dismiss the idea, however after my first session, I felt so different that I actually looked forwrad to the next week.
The key difference between what I expected and what actually happened is that Sam will not tell you how to feel or what to do. The sessions encourage you to speak about why you are there but primarily the progress is made as you come to your own conclusions and recognize your own issues and how you would like to change them. This is so different to what I expected and is perhaps the main reason for the success. You will not be told how to feel or what to do but you will be encouraged to assess yourself and the result is a real sense of satisfaction as you have arrived at your own conclusions rather than someone else’s.
The detail of how the brain works and the conflict between the right and left sides (subconscious and conscious minds) was the first thing discussed and it stayed within me from there on in. Out with the sessions, I found myself dealing with matters by referring to this theory and consciously allowing the left or logical side of my brain to respond instead of the more Neanderthal right side reacting.

The actual process of hypnotherapy was again something that I was sceptical about as you do initially relate it to showbiz type stage hypnosis. However nothing could be further from the truth and the actuality leaves you extremely refreshed and very focused on how to change and progress.
I have now completed 7 sessions, the last of which was a very happy experience as I was able to tell Sam that she had indeed made the huge difference that she suggested at the first meeting.
I know that by maintaining the focus on everything that we discussed and dealt with I have regained and will maintain control in situations where previously my reactions could have proved very destructive.