David(Public Speaking/ Conference Presentation

I recently joined a new company with a complete change in responsibilities and expectations. With these changes came the necessity to present at conferences around the globe. I’m most certainly not a natural presenter and based on previous presenting mishaps I adopted a fear of public speaking which needed to be addressed.

I struggled to find a solution for my fear and considered several different approaches. Being every so slightly cynical of hypnotherapy I didn’t have huge expectations – I couldn’t have been more wrong. After visiting Sam on only four occasions I presented at my first conference in Houston and I can’t begin to explain the complete change in attitude and outlook. I no longer had the challenges of uncontrollable nerves and feeling of nausea prior to speaking to deal with, as in place I felt confident, excited and controlled. Ok, maybe a little nerves… Sam, this is a huge thank you for changing my life and my career…
Aberdeen/Houston Texas, USA