Fear is a natural and healthy response we all have to danger.

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Rewind Therapy for Phobias

Fear is a natural and healthy response we all have to danger. It is a survival instinct designed to help us avoid and escape threatening situations. Phobias, however, are different phobias are more intense than fears - they can lead to severe anxiety and panic attacks and for some people, the symptoms can come on simply from thinking about the thing they fear.
Many phobias present very real and extremely uncomfortable physical symptoms which we can often feel are outside of our control. Phobias exist in our primitive subconscious and are often learned responses they can develop when someone has an exaggerated subconscious response or unrealistic fear surrounding a certain situation or 'symbolically attached' to an object. If this situation or object is common in day-to-day life, the phobia can restrict a person’s life, holding them back from doing what they want to do and often causing great distress.

Phobias are generally broken down into two categories, specific phobias, or complex phobias.

Specific phobias

This type of phobia tends to centre around a specific object, animal, situation, or activity.

Some examples of specific phobias include:
• animal phobias (spiders, snakes, or dogs)
• environmental phobias (heights, germs, open water)
• situational phobias (flying or visiting the dentist)
• bodily phobias (having injections, blood)
• sexual phobias (fear of getting a sexually transmitted infection or performance anxiety)
• other (certain objects or food items)

Complex Phobias

These phobias often surround more everyday activities and can impact a person’s life more than specific phobias. They tend to develop when we are adults and stem from deep-rooted anxiety about a particular situation or circumstance most commonly Agoraphobia and Social phobia

Regardless of the cause of your phobia it is important to know that it can be treated, if you feel as though your phobia is holding you back, or it is interfering with your life in a significant way I can help.

Rewind Therapy for phobias requires two or three sessions to deal with a single phobia, for multiple phobias, each one is dealt with separately. You do not need to talk about the experience for the phobia to be effectively ‘filed away’ in your mind so it no longer causes day-to-day difficulties. Rewind Therapy does not remove the memories however, the process enables you to disassociate from the fear/phobia, using proven techniques that enable the emotion to be taken out of the experience. The unwanted patterns of behaviour are replaced with more realistic behaviour allowing you to respond how you actually want to, calm and in control.

I have been trained by Dr David Muss completed the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy certificate and am qualified to deliver this extremely effective technique.

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