Therapy for High Functioning Anxiety

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High-Functioning Anxiety is a term used to describe people who live with and suffer from common symptoms of anxiety, but are also functioning well in various aspects of their life.

For children and young people, this could mean suffering from anxiety but achieving highly in school. For adults, it could mean they still manage to perform well, and perhaps even overachieve, in the workplace. This can make it difficult to identify their struggles because to others, they appear to be ‘fine’. It can also cause an individual who is suffering to downplay and ignore their own struggles with anxiety as they don’t think it is negatively affecting them.

High-Functioning Anxiety can drive people forwards rather than hinder their day-to-day lives, and therefore often goes unnoticed and untreated.

Anxiety disorders, including High-Functioning Anxiety, can be treated with Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy and recognised as very successful ways to support and improve the lives of individuals living with anxiety.

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