OCD Therapy

Around 1.2% of people in the UK have OCD. If you suffer from this condition yourself, you are not alone!

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  • Do you have Compulsions to carry out a certain behaviour such as cleaning, counting, repeating words, actions, checking (i.e., checking doors are locked, taps are off)
  • Do you fear of hurting yourself or others accidentally or deliberately?
  • Do you have a fear of being ‘contaminated’ by germs/bacteria?
  • Do you have a fear of becoming unwell or dying (commonly known as ‘health anxiety’)
  • Do you have a desire for symmetry?

Therapy For Help With OCD

Around 1.2% of people in the UK have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) so if you suffer from this condition yourself, you are not alone!

OCD is characterised by obsessions and compulsions, both of which can cause a lot of anxiety and distress.

Obsessions take the form of persistent intrusive thoughts or images. These can relate to fears that something awful with happen if you do not do certain things, worrying about contamination and being scared that you might hurt someone, for example. Sometimes, these thoughts and/or images can also be violent.

These obsessions come into your mind involuntarily and can have a significant impact on day-to-day life as they are impossible to ignore.

Compulsions are rituals, actions and behaviours that may temporarily relieve this anxiety in the short term before the cycle starts over again. The compulsion is often stronger and reinforced after the initial relief has passed.

Rituals can involve things like repeatedly washing your hands, and checking that doors are locked, or lights are turned off.

Performing these rituals is intended to protect against the fears linked to OCD obsessions but can ultimately cause a lot more distress.

Most people with OCD recognise that their behaviour is unhelpful and irrational but are powerless to stop carrying out their rituals. It is often the case that trying to fight against obsessions actually makes them have more power.

I use a range of therapies tailored to your individual needs that can help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope and respond how you would prefer to respond in situations that may have previously made your feel uncomfortable.

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