How To Cope With Stress of Redundancy


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Being made redundant can be highly stressful, especially if it affects the main earner in the household. It can also evoke feelings of shock, anger, guilt and shame, even when it occurs due to factors that are out of your control. These negative emotions can also be a factor in depression.

Stress can have a significant impact on physical health too.

According to research from MIND, men are particularly prone to depression after a job loss.

Taking care of your mental health is absolutely crucial after a redundancy. It often feels as though you need to jump straight into finding a new job, especially if money is tight.

This isn’t always the best move though. This can be particularly true if redundancy was a big shock or you’re experiencing intense negative emotions as a result of your situation. A short period of rebalancing and focusing on your wellbeing may be more beneficial for setting you up for future success. Once you do start job hunting, it’s important to practice self-care regularly — however tempting it may be to throw yourself into landing another job.

You may not have control over your job situation but you can take the lead on how you move forwards.

Mindfulness and meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. Talking therapies and medications can also be beneficial.

If you’re struggling financially as a result of redundancy, budgeting and getting practical support is crucial. Citizen’s Advice, and The Money Advice Trust and other debt charities can help, for example. They can help you to tackle debt, make the most of your money and let you know if you’re entitled to any benefits while you’re between jobs.

You may decide to reassess your goals, especially if you weren’t truly happy in your role before you were made redundant.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Cope With Redundancy Stress?

If you’re struggling with negative emotions after redundancy, you may need some extra help to address stress and anxiety and take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Hypnotherapy can support this in a few ways:

Being made redundant can affect your confidence in your skills and abilities. In reality, you still have the exact same skills as before and they’re still likely to be in strong demand with other employers. It may not always feel like this, especially if it’s not the first time you’ve been made redundant, but recognising this can make a lot of difference to your mindset.

Hypnotherapy can help to increase your confidence levels. This puts you in a much better position to find a new role and use your skills.

Hypnotherapy can also provide you with tools to manage the negative emotions that often go hand-in-hand with redundancy.

It can help to reframe your thoughts so you can see your situation as a setback or even an opportunity, rather than something that will define you.

Hypnotherapy for Redundancy Stress in Aberdeen

Working with clients to overcome the effects of redundancy often includes addressing stress, anxiety and sleep problems. The stress of job loss can also affect relationship with food and be a factor in health and skin conditions. It’s often the case that the work I do around redundancy stress is

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