Are you worried about coming out of lockdown?


While many people are desperate for lockdown rules to be relaxed, this can be a very scary time if you worry a lot or have heightened anxiety.

Being in lockdown has felt safe for many people. Restricting social contact and the slower pace of life suddenly removed many of the triggers for anxiety and panic, especially if you have social anxiety or constantly feel overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life.

This sense of calm may have felt hugely comforting, especially if you felt sheltered from the coronavirus risks in the outside world.

As we ease out of lockdown, the prospect of returning to “normal” life can be traumatic, especially if you’ve been shielding on health grounds or you’ll be going back to work before you feel ready to.

The huge amount of uncertainty around the virus can be debilitating too. The risk is still present and not knowing what the future holds can be tough to cope with.

Home can feel like the safest place to be and even meeting family and friends can feel nerve-wracking. This can present a big catch-22— you want to see those closest to you but you’re also apprehensive about the spread of the virus. Being physically isolated from them can have its own impact on your mental health.

If you’re prone to worrying a lot, heightened anxiety or panic, this combination of factors can bring it to the fore – often for the first time in months.

A lot of people felt calmer during lockdown but are experiencing panic as life starts to return to normal.

Online therapy can help you to cope with anxiety and panic and feel more in control of your emotions. Patterns of thoughts and behaviours can be addressed and changed to manage anxiety.

And because online therapy doesn’t involve face-to-face contact, it’s a perfect option for tackling panic that stems from the lockdown easing.

If anxiety or panic is holding you back, I’m here to support you.

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