Lots of us wish that we were in better shape or could drop a few pounds but when it comes to actually working out, you just can’t seem to keep your enthusiasm for exercise for more than a day or two at a time.

If you find it hard to stick to a fitness plan for any length of time, you’re not alone!

I see lots of clients who want to get fitter but are struggling to find any consistent motivation for exercise.

Some have even signed up for expensive gym memberships and had great intentions to work out regularly. Fast forward a couple of weeks and that initial motivation has waned.

Why Willpower Isn’t Always Enough

Willpower can get you a long way but for many people, it quickly begins to decrease. This is often true even if your willpower was incredibly strong to begin with.

This is because it’s linked to your conscious mind. If you’re not continually motivating and encouraging yourself to exercise, your willpower can easily disappear.

And if your thoughts and beliefs don’t tie in with your goals, it can be even harder to rely on just willpower alone.

Hypnotherapy for Fitness Motivation

Because hypnotherapy involves accessing the unconscious mind, it can help to change patterns of behaviour and thoughts. And this is great news when your fitness motivation has disappeared.

Accessing your unconscious mind can improve your enthusiasm for fitness and exercise and give you the motivation you’ve been lacking until now.

And if there are any underlying factors behind your lack of motivation, these can be addressed too.

Subconsciously, you may be holding onto certain “facts” and “truths” about what you’re capable of and these negative beliefs can be playing a big part in why you struggle to motivate yourself.

Hypnotherapy for fitness motivation can replace these with more positive alternatives and reframe the way that you think about exercise. This can turn exercise into something that becomes an enjoyable everyday habit and nothing something that you “have” to do.

It can also build positive associations with exercise in your mind and make you feel more energized and confident about meeting your health and wellness goals through exercise.

If you’re struggling with weight gain, fitness motivation hypnotherapy can turn things around and help you to love exercise (or at least, not hate it!).

Positive visualizations can be an important tool for this as they bridge the “gap” between where you are now and where you want to be.

Are you ready to see how hypnotherapy for fitness motivation could change your relationship with exercise and help you be fitter and healthier? Get in touch with me today to arrange a consultation!