Fear of Needles: How Hypnotherapy Can Help

I was so sad to hear the story about Tasha, the young woman with diabetes who refused to give herself insulin injections because she “didn’t do needles” and who sadly passed away recently after falling into a diabetic coma.

I see lots of clients for fears and phobias and some of these are so bad that they have a big impact on day-to-day life. A phobia of needles is a common one and can have effects on health. As well as extending to injections, it can also mean that people are reluctant to have blood tests. It’s estimated that at least 1 in 10 people have a needle phobias so if you’re also affected, you’re definitely not alone!

Symptoms of needle phobia

A lot of people don’t like the prospect of a blood test or injection but with needle phobia, the physical effects can be intense. Your heart rate and blood pressure can both rise and then suddenly fall, which can cause you to faint.

Self help for a fear of needles

    • If you’re going for a blood test or someone else is giving you an injection, don’t be afraid to mention your fear of needles. You might be surprised at how much can be done to try to put you at ease and distract you.
    • If you’re nervous but don’t feel that you might faint, try doing breathing exercises
    • Start to face your fears bit by bit. Make a list of all of the needle related things that scare you and give them a rating out of 10. From there, you can start to immerse yourself in the activities that have the lowest rating and that you deem to be the least distressing. To begin with, this might involve trying to just think about needles or watching scenes on the television that may involve needles, both of which are likely to cause a lot of distress even though they don’t physically involve you. Over time, you can move onto things like actually being around needles or eventually, having an injection. Overcoming a phobia through immersion therapy can be a long road so don’t feel disillusioned if you don’t move onto the next step that quickly.

How hypnotherapy can help

If you’re suffering from a fear of needles (or any other kind of phobia that is having a significant impact on your life), get in touch with me today to discuss how I can help you to break the hold and get back in control.

Here’s a link to the piece about Tasha for those of you who haven’t seen the story – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6124679/Woman-20-Type-1-diabetes-REFUSED-follow-medical-advice-dies-suspected-coma.html