What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?


As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I’m often asked about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and what exactly it involves.

In a nutshell, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on finding effective, long term solutions to the problems that bring clients to therapy. It involves looking to the future, rather than looking back to the past. Although it’s a very future oriented therapy, there is still some acknowledgement of the past and the fact that it may have played a role in shaping your current situation. What we’re really focused on is your hopes for the future and how to move away from this.

You’ll be asked to think about where you see yourself right now and what the future would hold if you no longer had a particular problem holding you back. What if you weren’t anxious any more or had more confidence and self belief? What if you could overcome a big phobia?

This is known as the Miracle Question and it offers a frame of reference to refer back to when tracking progress.

One of the key things that underpins Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the belief that you already have the tools to reach your full potential and make positive changes to your life. As a hypnotherapist, I can guide you on your journey towards this through tools such as positive suggestions and visualizations.

Hypnosis is the perfect platform for this as it allows the subconscious mind to take over and opens the door to new ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is also immersed in neuroscience. I’m passionate about helping clients to understand how the brain works, why it has set the scene for certain patterns of behaviour and thinking and how this can be turned around to encourage change.

This part is really important as it helps clients to understand exactly why change is possible. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a joint effort between you and your hypnotherapist and contrary to one of the big myths about hypnotherapy, it’s not something that passively happens to you. To get the most out of sessions, it’s absolutely crucial that you actively want to change and are fully committed to working towards this. The neuroscience side of things is great for this as clients know from the very first session that change can happen, which is hugely motivating.

The Benefits of a Solution Focused Approach

What does this mean for you, as the client? Because of its focus on the future, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can reduce worries, fears and anxieties and replace them with healthier, positive alternatives. This can lead to:

  • A calm, relaxed mind
  • Much more control over your emotions, thoughts and behaviour
  • Any conditions that are linked to or made worse by stress and/or anxiety can be improved. This can include chronic pain, IBS and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

Wondering if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy could help you to make positive changes in your life and take back control? Contact me today to take the first step towards change.